Are Temperament Tests Fair?

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About this Video

Robert Cabral, founder of Bound Angels, has worked with animal shelters throughout the US for over 10 years.  His expertise in canine behavior is second to none. In this video he discusses the concept of temperament testing dogs.  

This topic is a point of contention among rescue organizations and dog trainers. Understanding what it is that is being tested and how the results come into play makes a compelling argument for both sides.  

Robert’s direct knowledge and logical solution will help anyone interested in rescuing or working with shelter dogs become much more educated after watching this video.

Robert Cabral is a dog trainer/behavior expert, founder of Robert Cabral’s Dog Training and known for his work with Bound Angels where he has taught animal shelters throughout the US on canine behavior, understanding complex behaviors and basic dog training/handling skills. His work has helped move many large...