How To Teach a New Behavior - Behind the Scenes with Tom Davis

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About this Video

In this short program we take you behind the scenes with dog trainer Tom Davis during a client session. In these two short videos Tom teaches the importance of creating clear communication with your dog. To introduce you to Tom, the first video in this program is available for free.

Video 1- In this 6 minute clip Thomas explains to one of his clients how to introduce new behaviors to her dog, and the importance of marking and capturing behaviors.   Like a lot of Thomas' work, his goal is to break things down into very easy, simplistic steps for the dog and the owner! One of the most important patterns in dog training, no matter what you are working on, is consistency.  

Video 2- In this 10 minute tutorial Thomas teaches one of his clients two really important tactics when teaching a brand new behavior. The first is food delivery. When using food with dogs things can get chaotic quick with little progression. The second is teaching one of our favorite core commands, the "place" command. In this video, you will learn exactly how to use food while teaching the place command. When we teach anything new we ALWAYS want the process to use as little pressure as possible. This fundamental approach can work for any new command or behavior due to the core beliefs in patience and increments. 

We hope you learn and take something away from these videos to work on with your down dog! :)

Tom began training dogs at an early age, always knowing he had the ability to control and understand what canines were telling us.  This is very apparent to anyone who took the time to meet with him. 

It really wasn’t until Tom started a dog walking and pet sitting business that he realized training and understanding dogs weren’t abilities that everyone possessed. Today, To...