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About this Video

This video Robert Cabral teaches an exercise that is used in competitive dog sports but is a very valuable tool for any dog and handler to learn.  It is taking training to the next level, but will give you extra security with your dog.
The Down in Motion is just that, your dog will lie down and stay down as you continue to walk away from him.  The lesson is not hard to master if you follow the simple steps in this video and it will help take your dog training to another level - and it's sure to impress your friends.  Whether you're training in IPO, AKC or any other dog sport - or just wanting to take your training to the next level, the Down in Motion is a great exercise to learn.

Robert Cabral is a dog trainer/behavior expert, founder of Robert Cabral’s Dog Training and known for his work with Bound Angels where he has taught animal shelters throughout the US on canine behavior, understanding complex behaviors and basic dog training/handling skills. His work has helped move many large...