Relationship Building through Teaching Eye Contact

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About this Video

In this video, Blake Rodriguez shows us how he begins to teach eye contact as a form of a relationship building exercise.  In the early stages the behavior is taught with a reinforcement based “good, yes, nope” game for breakfast and dinner. This fun game later transfers into the dog being less nervous when we are looking at one another, and begins to develop a dog who is more eager to look to you as they wait to see the advice/direction that you give them. This also strengthens the verbal markers so that we can rely on those conditioned words in important everyday real world situations. 

Usually by the time that Blake begins to use eye contact as a form of the "good and the yes" game, the dog is already conditioned and aware of what the verbal markers mean and sometimes are even used to them doing something in order to get a “good” or “yes” out of us. 

Blake Rodriguez, owner and Founder of Dream Come True K9 (DCTK9), is a Manhattan, NY native and a world renowned dog behavior specialist and mentor. In 2011, Blake wanted to be able to help as many dogs as he could, and from there created Dream Come True K9, LLC. In 2015 Blake opened his first brick and mortar in Manhattan's lower...