Fear Aggressive Ralphy - Behind the Scenes With Tyler Muto

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About this Video

Take a look behind the scenes with Tyler Muto as he conducts a full day evaluation and consultation for Ralphy, a fear aggressive pit bull mix, and his humans. 

Ralphy has attempted to bite several people in the past, and his owners didn't realize that they were creating a lot of his reactivity. 

In this video you will see how Tyler takes Ralphy from a fearful, pulling, and lunging dog, to a calm and relaxed dog in just one day. We give you an exclusive look at the steps Tyler took throughout the day without the owners present to assess and begin to rehabilitate Ralphy, and then the consultation with the owners to help them see that Ralphy is ready to change, as soon as they can start looking at the problem through a different lens. 

Ralphy's owner took everything to heart and have reported significant change since this video was filmed. 

This video is packed with information that can help anyone who has been struggling with fear and/or aggression with their dog.

Tyler Muto is an internationally renowned dog behavior expert and founder of Consider The Dog. Tyler owns and serves as the training director of K9 Connection in Buffalo, NY, and is the former President of the International Association of Canine Professionals