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About this Video

The MOST important things to teach a dog are focus and recall.  In this video Robert starts by explaining some of the issues that people face when first getting a puppy and how to deal better with them.  Understanding what you're in for will make the journey a lot easier and enjoyable.  This video makes connecting with your puppy a fun game for both of you and helps you build a relationship that is both fun and beneficial for training.

The first part of the video covers Building Focus which involves getting the puppy to look at us and seeing that as a reward.  Using treats and luring the behavior is the best way to accomplish this. Robert has done this with dogs of all ages, but starting with puppies is just the best way to do it.  Once your puppy gets this part we move into part 2, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for all dogs to know - The Recall.  Using the dog's (puppy's) natural prey drive to accomplish this makes it easy for everyone and sets an important lesson in the puppy's mind and that will stick with him for his lifetime.  

Robert Cabral is a dog trainer/behavior expert, founder of Robert Cabral’s Dog Training and known for his work with Bound Angels where he has taught animal shelters throughout the US on canine behavior, understanding complex behaviors and basic dog training/handling skills. His work has helped move many large...