Consider the Dog is a platform for experts in the field to share their knowledge and skills to help people and dogs live together in harmony. Our contributors have been carefully vetted, and the content curated to ensure that we are providing highly valuable and time-tested information.

What’s in a name?

When developing the concept for this project, I sought to create a place where innovation and canine philosophy meet, and where the very best content from the foremost canine professionals is shared. It was important to me to stay true to my values and create a space that had integrity. I thought it best that the project should have a name that reflected the same:

Consider, Verb

1)   To think carefully about, deliberately, thoughtfully, especially in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on.

2)   To pay attention to; regard

3)   To regard with respect, thoughtfulness, honor, etc.; esteem.

Considerate, Adjective

1)   Showing kindly awareness or regard for another's feelings, circumstances, etc.

We do not believe in one-size-fits all solutions or quick fixes, so you will not find any gimmicks or empty promises that one “simple trick” will solve all your problems.

Just like our relationships with other humans in our lives, our relationships with our dogs are dynamic and complex. I believe that in order for those relationships flourish, or to find resolution when those relationships become strained, we must attend to them thoughtfully and with care.

I am fascinated by canine behavior and have devoted my life to its study. I want to share that fascination with you. After over 10 years of training dogs, running a busy training center, supervising and coaching hundreds of other professional trainers, and teaching workshops around the world about canine behavior, I believe that the most important and effective thing we can do in the field of canine behavior is to try to understand the world through our dog’s eyes. We must consider the dog. The better we do this, the more connected our relationships to our dogs become, and the solutions we are seeking often appear before us.

Fascination with the natural world, a hunger to learn, and compassion for others are the cornerstones of my life helping dogs and their humans.

With all of that said, I would like to personally invite you to Consider The Dog

Tyler Muto