How It Works

Consider the Dog offers three general classes of content: 

  • Free for everyone 

  • Included with membership, and 

  • Premium content.

Users can pay a small monthly fee ($19.99 as of November 8th, 2021), or a yearly fee ($214.99) to become a member. The membership fee will open up free access to all our "Included with membership" content, which consists of dozens of informational and instructional videos on dog behavior and training. New content is added regularly.

Members will also gain access to our private "Consider the Dog Member's Club" facebook group, an amazing community for members to learn and grow together, and where we share additional exclusive content for our members. 

Additionally, after the first month of membership, members will receive exclusive coupon codes to be able to purchase any of our premium content at 20% off, as well as 10% off any physical products in our store. Most of the Premium Content requires as separate purchase (members receive 20% off), and consists mainly of longer full-length videos and courses. At this time, Premium videos cannot be purchased via the mobile app. Users must log on via a web browser to make the purchases. However, once purchased, the videos can be viewed on the app.

Membership fees recur monthly and can be cancelled at any time (there is no contract). If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the "Included with membership" content and the private facebook group, but you will continue to have access to any premium content that you have purchased outright. 

Not ready to commit to a membership? No problem, we have tons of free videos and some of our content can be purchased outright at anytime without a membership. 

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