Does Your Dog Guard Food, Toys or Bones?

Resource Guarding is one of the most common forms of aggression. 

Now you can follow along as renowned dog behavior expert Tyler Muto takes you step by step through the exact process he uses to transform this troubling behavior. 

Our programs are designed to deliver real results, and help you have the dog of your dreams.

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Follow Along with a Real Case

Tyler breaks down the steps with Samson, a young but very severe aggression case, over the course of a 4-week rehabilitation program.

You'll go through:

  • Building a foundation 

  • Intermediate Steps, and

  • Putting it all together for a finished result. 

These are the exact steps used with thousands of dogs at Tyler's Buffalo, NY based Training Center. 

A Step By Step Program That Works

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The truth is, working with aggression is complex, and fitting everything you need to know to have a balanced relationship with your dog into one course would be impossible. 

That's why our membership program includes access to over 150 other courses to ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips. 

You'll also be able to join our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and even submit videos for feedback, as well as our twice monthly live streams where you can interact with our instructors in real time!


Popular Courses

Here are just a few of our most popular courses to give you feel of what we have to offer

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Unlike crowded and expensive training programs where your dog receives little to no personal attention, Consider the Dog’s training videos can be accessed from the comfort of your home. You’ll also be added to our private Facebook community, where you can ask questions, connect with other members and receive feedback from our instructors. The result is a customized training experience focused on your dog.

Thousands of Happy Customers

Not only are we able to call him away from any resource, but we can see in his demeanor that he is actually comfortable with people close to his resources. Thank you for providing the course!

Summer Hampy

I did the process with a 5month old border collie who RGed her food bowl. She is 2 years old now and her guarding has improved to the point of no reactions in a long time.

Melissa Vélez Schemankewitz

The course is phenomenal. Tyler explains complex concepts with unbelievable clarity using plenty of examples. He offers insights into animal behavior and learning. Obviously fantastic at what he is doing, he is also an outstanding teacher. And his sense of humor is a cherry on top!

Ava Andziak

What I love most about Consider the Dog is the variety of content and trainers. Lots of topics are covered and having the opportunity to learn from a variety of trainers means you can see things from different angles.

I love how easy it is to navigate and how courses are split up into segments.
10/10 recommend.

Sanne Rachel

I’ve been doing the “walk behind” me with my dog and it is amazing. We’ve passed squirrels and cats and he’s been so calm!

Lauren Catherine

It is no exaggeration when I say that you have revolutionized how I train clients and their dogs. My gratitude to you and your team of CTD trainers is incalculable. You are an invaluable resource for me, and I am a better, more knowledgeable and patient trainer because of you. Mahalo Nui Loa ("thank you so very much") from Hawaii, and I can't wait for the content to come

Deanna Nieves

Walk behind and counter conditioning has made a huge difference outside the house. Now I can walk him on a long line at the beach and have no worries about reactivity (unthinkable a few months ago).

Matt Paulus

I wanted to share that after I watched video of "Fear Aggressive Ralphy", my dog walked behind me and we had the most focused walk around the block. We have never ever had a stress free walk around the block before!

Catherine Yu

Whether you’re a novice dog owner or an experienced professional, consider the dog provides exceptional training and behavior related content for all skill levels and methods of training to enjoy and learn from!

Dylan Rouse

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What’s In a Name?

When developing the concept for this project, I sought to create a place where innovation and canine philosophy meet, and where the very best content from the foremost canine professionals is shared. It was important to me to stay true to my values and create a space that had integrity. I thought it best that the project should have a name that reflected the same:

Consider, Verb

1)   To think carefully about, deliberately, thoughtfully, especially in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on.

2)   To pay attention to; regard

3)   To regard with respect, thoughtfulness, honor, etc.; esteem.

Considerate, Adjective

1)   Showing kindly awareness or regard for another's feelings, circumstances, etc.

We do not believe in one-size-fits all solutions or quick fixes, so you will not find any gimmicks or empty promises that one “simple trick” will solve all your problems.

Just like our relationships with other humans in our lives, our relationships with our dogs are dynamic and complex. I believe that in order for those relationships flourish, or to find resolution when those relationships become strained, we must attend to them thoughtfully and with care.

I am fascinated by canine behavior and have devoted my life to its study. I want to share that fascination with you. After over 10 years of training dogs, running a busy training center, supervising and coaching hundreds of other professional trainers, and teaching workshops around the world about canine behavior, I believe that the most important and effective thing we can do in the field of canine behavior is to try to understand the world through our dog’s eyes. We must consider the dog. The better we do this, the more connected our relationships to our dogs become, and the solutions we are seeking often appear before us.

Fascination with the natural world, a hunger to learn, and compassion for others are the cornerstones of my life helping dogs and their humans.

With all of that said, I would like to personally invite you to Consider The Dog

Tyler Muto