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Drives 101

Duration: 8:10



In this short video, Brian discusses the three instinctual drives that all dogs use for survival - Pack Drive, Prey Drive, and Defense Drive. Brian discusses how he uses an understanding of these drives as a part of his initial assessment of a dog, and how he then uses that assessment to help inform his approach to training and rehabilitation with each individual.

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Brian Agnew

Brian Agnew is an internationally renowned dog trainer and behavior expert, and is the owner of The Balanced Dog, where he trains and rehabilitates dogs in Southern California. 

Brian's forte is in problem solving. He's an expert in creating a strategy that works for each case he takes on. Brian is extremely committed to his clients and the outcome of his cases. He often pushes his clients to stay the course until the rehabilitation process is complete with their dogs. He is highly respected by both his colleagues, and his clients.  

 Brian is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of dogs to dog owners so they can resolve their dog's issues once and for all. Brian's goal is to teach people how to communicate with their dogs by understanding how dogs think.  

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