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About this Video

In these two videos, Blake Rodriguez covers two techniques to teach a dog how to approach a human or dog (great for nervous/insecure dogs, and for dogs with fear aggression issues), and also how to teach a dog to offer different cut off cues as an alternative behavior to biting or lunging toward/after.

Go Say Hi:  In this 7 minute video, Blake Rodriguez goes over an approach aimed to help a dog learn how to walk up and approach a person/dog (great confidence builder for the nervous/insecure dog and dogs that might be struggling with fear aggression).

Plan B: In this 12 minute video, Blake Rodriguez shows an approach that focuses on teaching a dog to display a safer cutoff cue when pressured and the owner fails to advocate for the dog.  The video focuses on teaching an better alternative behavior, along with the necessity for creating hesitation in the dog making an inappropriate one that it has made before (or would make if found in a certain situation). 

Blake Rodriguez, owner and Founder of Dream Come True K9 (DCTK9), is a Manhattan, NY native and a world renowned dog behavior specialist and mentor. In 2011, Blake wanted to be able to help as many dogs as he could, and from there created Dream Come True K9, LLC. In 2015 Blake opened his first brick and mortar in Manhattan's lower...