Consider The Dog | Puppy Obedience

Help Your Puppy with Obedience by Using Luring and Shaping Movements

Duration: 6:09

This video shows some great luring and shaping with puppies and stresses the importance of using a long line, treats, praise and more. Getting the puppy to follow our hands that are holding treats and marking the behaviors are the foundation for what puppies will need to later learn great life skills and obedience. This is the foundation for learning obedience and building a relationship between dogs and people.

Teaching your puppy how to learn and making it fun is the best way to create a great relationship with your puppy and develop him into a great dog.

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Robert Cabral

Robert Cabral is a dog trainer/behavior expert, founder of Robert Cabral’s Dog Training and known for his work with Bound Angels where he has taught animal shelters throughout the US on canine behavior, understanding complex behaviors and basic dog training/handling skills. His work has helped move many large animal control agencies towards No Kill.  

Robert has taught and competed in protection dog sports, competitive obedience and has trained countless dogs of almost every breed and drive. His passion is helping people to understand their dogs and form a clear and solid relationship through training.

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