Introducing Aimee Sadler and the DPFL Team

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We are pleased to announce that Aimee Sadler and her Dogs Playing for Life team have joined us at Consider the Dog.

We selected these two videos to introduce our followers to the incredible and life changing work that Aimee and DPFL do. Aimee has devoted her career and life to helping shelters improve the quality of life, and thus the adoption rates, for dogs in shelters by helping shelter staff learn proper handling techniques and safe play groups. Traveling to shelters all over the United States Aimee and her team have now helped over 200 organizations, and contributed to saving the lives of countless dogs. 

Video 1: The Playgroup Change - It is difficult to encapsulate how something as simple as playgroups can have such a dynamic impact. In this raw, unfiltered video, Program Coordinators Kodi and Tucker tell the story of how playgroups, and those that champion them, produce significant life-altering change for the dogs. If you feel inspired please share. Your support means more shelters will be able to receive training at no cost to them, and they may just experience "the playgroup change."

Video 2: 200th Playgroup Celebration Video - Dogs Playing for Life has introduced playgroups to 200 shelters-here's some of the highlights.

Aimee Sadler is the Founder and CEO of Dogs Playing for Lifeā„¢, an enrichment program for shelter dogs, featuring playgroups. Ms. Sadler is a nationally recognized trainer specializing in behavioral problems. Her techniques have been derived from over thirty years of professional work with multiple species, from dogs to cats, from exotics to marin...