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About this Video

The remote electronic collar is one of the most versatile tools available. It can provide precision and subtlety to your training, as well as open up worlds of freedom and peace of mind for you and your dog. However, it is not a tool that should be used carelessly, and that is why we created this course on Mastering the Remote Collar with Tyler Muto.

The course is the most thorough, comprehensive and scientifically accurate course on remote collar training available today.

Going beyond just the introductory stages, in this course you will learn not just what to do, but why you are doing it. Tyler focuses on principles over methods, with the philosophy that when you clearly understand why the stages of e-collar training work, you will become more flexible and creative in your application of the tool, and you will have the skills to troubleshoot when things aren’t going as planned.

If you have never used an electronic collar before, this course will give you all the information you need to successfully use this tool with your dog. 

If you are an experienced professional who have been using this tool for years, you will learn advanced concepts that will take your training to the next level, help you troubleshoot your more challenging cases, and fill those gaps in your understanding. 

With a mix of both lecture and demonstration, you will see 14 different handler/dog teams being coached by Tyler through the various stages of training. 

We even included a bonus section, which contains roughly an hour of extra footage, including some unique applications of the remote collar, and interesting sessions that didn’t quite fit into the standard framework of the course.

If you are ready to get the most our of your training and enjoy the expanded freedom that the remote collar provides, then this is the course for you.

Purchasing this course gives you unlimited access. You can watch as many times as you would like.

Course Outline:
(Each topic is it's own video, for ease of navigation)


  • Opening Lecture
  • Pre-requisites
  • Why do we use remote collars?
  • What the collar is not
  • What features to look for in a collar
  • Fitting the collar and finding a level
  • Negative reinforcement overview

Escape Conditioning

  • What is collar conditioning?
  • Escape conditioning basics (Recall and Place)
  • Escape conditioning advanced concepts

Avoidance Conditioning

  • Avoidance conditioning basics (Recall and Place)
  • Avoidance conditioning advanced concepts

Behavior Problems

  • Addressing behavior problems with the remote collar

Other Commands

  • Down
  • On leash heel 
  • Off leash heel

Bonus material

  • Extra reps (some extra training sessions that didn't make it into the main course)
  • Calling a dog off of play
  • Reinforcing the "out" or "drop" command
  • Sit
  • Creating drive with the remote collar
  • Teaching the Heel position
  • Trouble shooting the place command
  • Why I don't use stim at the same time as the command

As you can see, we cover quite a bit of ground in this course. The feedback is already coming in:

What People Are Saying:

The course is phenomenal. Tyler explains complex concepts with unbelievable clarity using plenty of examples. He offers insights into animal behavior and learning. Obviously fantastic at what he is doing, he is also an outstanding teacher. And his sense of humor is a cherry on top!

-Ava Andziak

Just finished Mastering the Remote Collar--bravo! Absolutely brilliant and taught in a crystal clear manner. I learned so much about the "WHY" behind the e-collar that I didn't have before.

-Lauren Turner

Over the course of my training career, I’ve watched a number of training videos, taken online courses and attended seminars specifically designed to teaching the proper use of the electronic collar, all of which are still available. While some of these courses have valuable, detailed information, there are others that should no longer be in publication and provide harmful information given by seemingly well intentioned individuals while arming opponents of remote collars with excellent examples of misuse and unfair training practices. 
After watching Tyler Muto’s ‘Mastering the Remote Collar,’ I can confidently say that this is the most thorough and comprehensive course I have taken regarding the use of the electronic collar. This course includes a clear and thorough explanation of the underlying principals, excellent and relevant examples, additional methods and where they may be useful, as well as a refreshing level of candor in his philosophy of electronic collars in their use, potential misuse and how we can implement them in a fair, compassionate way. 
I personally train both companion dogs for clients as well as competition dogs of my own. This course has filled in some of the critical missing gaps in my training programs. The time and money invested in this course is bound to pay dividends by improving my various training programs. 
This course would be beneficial to new and experienced trainers alike and while much of the ‘Consider the Dog’ platform isn’t tailored specifically for sport or working dog trainers, this course would be an asset to those individuals as well. 

-Ryan Maciej

I am Loving every second of the remote collar course, Tyler Muto. Rewatching each section, letting it sink in. The information is so interesting , little things that make so much difference in each technique. I am addicted. Thank you.

-Lisa Ann Stella

It had been a few years since I hired a local remote collar trainer (and they were good). Their training program was 7 weeks with one meeting each week, around 7-10 hours of instruction. That probably works for most people. However, I wanted to learn the psychology behind the remote trainer concept so I could better explain it to my rescue supporters who may have questions about it. There are so many trainers out there giving remote trainer instruction, but I liked Tyler's "reasoning" on his YouTube channel so I jumped at the chance to learn in depth from him.  The dog I used was a foster dog that still needed some polishing, I thought the remote trainer would help me help him further. He endured a fair amount of damage/neglect in his previous homes, was totally wild when I first got him (submissive urination when you reach down to pet him as well as arousal, crate anxiety, reactivity, etc.) - and with him being probably one of the smartest dogs I've had in rescue, the neglect/damage he endured before made for a tough rehabilitation. He knew obedience already, but when I got home I applied what I learned and it tied up all the loose ends. It was incredible how fast it clicked (and I thought I had hit a plateau). He's now happy and "sound" in his forever home hiking through the woods off leash next to his adopters - and with recall so intense that, when he hears the recall command, he stops so fast in his tracks that his back feet fly up in the air. As a rescue foster home, that kind of review is worth every drop of effort and every penny paid to learn the technique. 

-Lauren Howard 

Tyler not only has the skill but the conceptual knowledge with which to apply both classical and operant conditioning in the context of ecollar training. To put it another way--you'll learn the "why" behind every "what" which is critical to using the ecollar skillfully and appropriately. I had the pleasure of attending this workshop live and soaked it up, as did everyone else. Tyler is articulate, clear, and concise while at the same time providing ample examples, be they anecdotal, live training in the moment, or citing studies. As a training "nerd" I appreciated being able to ask specific questions and receive specific answers during this seminar. Tyler sets a high bar for anyone to follow when it comes to e-collar training.

-Joshua Antell

I didn't want it to be over. You provided great comprehensive and in-depth information not only on the remote collar, but so much more.

-Bonita Habitzruther
Certified Canine Athlete Specialist

We are very thankful for learning remote collar training with Tyler Muto. It was an eye opening Seminar that allowed us to validate our current methods but also gave us an understanding of the remote collar. We learned the science and logic behind the remote collar training and new techniques on how to introduce the training tool, and more effective ways to communicate to dogs.
Tyler is extremely passionate about dog training and it was such an awesome experience learning from someone that is at the top of the craft. We are super excited to get back home and start working dogs and using all techniques and passing all this knowledge along to our clients. 

-Josh Pederson

Tyler Muto is an internationally renowned dog behavior expert and founder of Consider The Dog. Tyler owns and serves as the training director of K9 Connection in Buffalo, NY, and is the former President of the International Association of Canine Professionals