Consider The Dog | Pack Drive

Nurturing Pack Drive

Duration: 3:30

Dogs that act as if their owners are irrelevant to them often lack strong pack drive. In this video, Cheri explains how we can increase and nurture pack drive in our dogs by adding structure and training to their lives. 

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Cheri Lucas

Cheri Lucas founded Second Chance at Love Humane Society, a no-kill dog rescue, 25 years ago. She worked on several episodes of Cesar Millan’s The Dog Whisperer for 9 seasons, and was the dog behaviorist on two seasons of Leader of the Pack and one season of Cesar’s Recruit Asia. Cheri co-developed the highly popular Training Cesar’s Way five years ago. Cheri teaches Missing Link Workshops both domestically and internationally with business partner Brian Agnew. She has a highly sought after mentor program, attracting students from around the world. Cheri’s specializes in using her balanced pack of 12 dogs to help other dogs with socialization issues. She’s a gifted communicator who helps people recognize the role they play in their own dog’s behavior. 

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